General Aviation

An Introduction To Homebuilt Aircraft

There are many different routes to general aviation. Many owners choose the certified aircraft route, whereby they own a machine which was manufactured and registered “certified”,  is serviced and repaired by a licensed AME (aircraft mechanic engineer). For those pilots, the confidence of having their machine looked after by a professional and having that machine conform […] read more

A New Owner’s Blog – Buying My First Plane.

This was originally written in 2007, but we’ve republished it here as most (if not all) of the information is still relevant. It’s a bit long, but so is the process of buying a GA aircraft and so are the odds that it’ll go smoothly right-away. Think of this as a fly-on-the-wall account of a […] read more

Welcome to the new

Well – we’ve made some changes. After 8 years, we figured it was time for a re-vamp. In 2007, started as a “Canadian planes for sale” site and our classified section continues to attract great birds for sale. The site, from day one, allowed only Canadian aircraft and will continue to do so. The […] read more

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