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Save these dates: October 16-18th: Rotax 4-stroke Series

Sept 24, 2015, Midland, ON – Plane-Crafters is a new Builder-Assistance Center dedicated to helping aircraft kit builders with the completion and proper maintenance of their self-built aircraft. The group has a new hangar facility on the Huronia Airport where it offers accelerated “Two-Week-Wonder” programs, introductory kit-building workshops and engine-related Seminars. Their newest seminar series focuses on the Rotax 912 and covers both operations and servicing as well as regular maintenance.


Rotax 912 – source: Image by Greg Goebel

For anyone building with or operating a 912, these seminars and workshops are invaluable, bringing expert knowledge to the home builder, owner or PIC .

Plane-Crafters say:

One of our goals is to provide opportunities for owners and flyers of home-built and ultralight aircraft to learn more about their engines. We do this by offering engine seminars, engine installation workshops and engine “Colleges” at our facilities.

The weekend seminars are led by experienced professionals and are extremely economical and allow participants to fully understand aspects of the 912 which are important to both operation and longevity. For certain, everyone will leave the seminars more knowledgeable and better-equipped to handle and maintain this popular power-plant.

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