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The idea for this site is a cross between a classified system, a magazine and a forum. Let’s be honest – we’re not a big “outfit” and as such, don’t have paid writers. Let us explain …

We’ll write content – we like to. We’ll moderate and maintain the site (we built it – we do that for a living). We’ll keep a track on newsworthy items and fun/interesting articles for the system – and post them regularly. We’ll ensure it stays Canadian and doesn’t turn into a “complaints forum” as sites sometimes do.

What do we want from you? Anything you think other Canadian aviators would like to see/read/view.

  • Photos and images
  • Articles
    • Builders & tinkerers
    • Students and professionals
    • Circuit-riders and cross-country pilots
    • Home field profiles
      • why should we visit you?
      • What’s around that we can do?
      • Where can we eat?
      • What’s at the field?
      • Events and fun stuff?
  • News items
  • Events
  • Reviews
  • Blogs and logs
  • Videos
  • Comments (on most pages, you can comment freely (moderated obviously).

We have the place for you to publish your love of Canadian aviation. We’ll review and hopefully approve your content, meaning tens of  thousands of aviators and enthusiasts will see it. Not everything will make it. Here’s the list of basic criteria.

  • Has to be GA-specific and relate to Canada or Canadian aviators/enthusiasts
  • Can’t be advertising – you can pay us for that (events are no problem – happy to promote them)
  • Can’t be (unjustifiably) negative. Honest commentary is great, a “tirade” is not.
  • Must be written-by, taken-by, created-by or licensed-to you.

We really hope you get involved. It’ll be fun!

Simply email your stuff to: By sending it: “You give us authorization to publish the material, certify that you have the rights to do-so and have no expectation of reward or money”  – we don’t have any money – it goes in our wing-tanks.

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