General Aviation

We show about 250,000 pages per year – 83%+ in Canada and our users are highly focused on GA. An average user looks at 5-6 pages.


We can put display ads on the site like the ones to the right. We can attach these ads to any page or post for any duration. We have found that ad click-through and conversions are far better with in-line ads, essentially meaning ads are located within a relevant article with text and images being linked to the advertiser.

We offer basic monthly and article plans/rates, not CPM/PPC rates. We offer rates which make sense for smaller businesses in GA – you don’t have to be a “big-guy” to talk to our audience.  Contact us for more.


We want to partner with companies who themselves want to help us grow this system. Sponsors differ from advertisers by their commitment to our site, goals and platform. We would expect to brand sponsorship partners heavily on our site, promote their offerings regularly and share many opportunities, metrics and information we gain from our activities. It may also make sense to allow some level of exclusivity to sponsors if this does not degrade user content or experience. This is a larger discussion – which we are happy to have with you.

Please call 905-329-5155, email or click HERE for service

Note, we don’t share user data – ever.


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