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In 2007, started as a “Canadian planes for sale” site and our classified section continues to attract great birds for sale. The site, from day one, allowed only Canadian aircraftand will continue to do so. The classified section alone has grown to over 300,000 page-views per year, thousands of members and social connections and there’s more coming every day.We’re continuing this and making it better.

This latest version of has a new three-part mission. The focus is about theinclusion of people and therefore the expansion of GA as a whole. We need new people to come to GA, not because their Dad did it, but because it is fun, affordable and incredibly cool!

If we can do our small part, have some fun, meet some folks and do some great flying along the way, then we’re got something. As a commercial venture, obviously, we want to also attract advertisers, sponsors etc. to keep the props turning – we’ve got bills to pay – but that’s not the focus and it honestly doesn’t matter – we’ll be here anyway.


1. To get more people into GA. To show how GA is a fun, safe, practical and affordable activity.
2. To connect and inform GA buyers, sellers & pilots to promote increased use of their GA aircraft in Canada.
3. To attract aviation enthusiasts who may not have the facility to fly, but love the subject – because one day, they’ll be a pilot!-  See #1

And the fourth part, more of a self-imposed rule than a mission, is to do this forCanadian general aviation only. No war-birds, no civil heavies, no LSA’s and no ABS-B 2020. This is about Canadian aviation.

We hope you like the site. We’re open to any suggestions. You’ll see feedback areas all-over the site so feel free to have-at-it.

Blue skies, low fuel costs and a healthy tailwind to you all …

Andy Boundy C-FKTF

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