General Aviation


Buying an aircraft in Canada is an exciting, rewarding and fun thing to do – but it does have challenges.

Certainly, the best part of the process is searching through all the options. We have loads of aircraft on this site which you can search HERE

We have a (lengthy) blog written by the site owner from 2007, which has been updated and a little edited for today’s potential buyer. It needs a little time to read it all, but you can scan for the nuggets.

Rather than re-writing information in this page, you’ll fine thoughts on selection, insurance, hangar/storage, mechanical’s, contracts, safety, inspections, missions and more right there. See that HERE

You will want to figure-out which certification type of general aviation aircraft you’ll want to look at – certified, homebuilt, UL, AULA etc. If you need a little info on that, click HERE

For sure, if you’re looking for homebuilt information, check out our article HERE with links to some factory tours.

We’ll be updating this page regularly – classified ads and aircraft for sale is one of the main operations of this site. We promote and recommend GA ownership for anyone who it would benefit.



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