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Aviation Project Management Accredited

Versatility offering:

Aviation Project Management
o Lower Costs
o Dedicated Project Concepts
o Versatility
o Enhanced Planning
o Turn-Key Management
o Professional Services
o Project Management Reporting
o Business Process Reporting
o Risk Management
o Enhanced Effectiveness in delivery services, within your business or to your customers
o Increase in Quality
o Project Configuration
o Project Sourcing
o Consultancy Planning

Aircraft Technical Records Survey & Acquisition
o Maintenance Requirement Audit
o Historical Information
o Assessments and Audits
o Comprehensive Reporting

Technical Retrievals M&E System Audit

o AD & SB Status
o LLP Status
o Maintenance Program Status
o Hard Time Status

MRO & M&E Software Acquisition & Implementation
o Software Acquisition Planning
o Requirements Development and Management
o Solicitation and Source Selection
o Appraisals and Selection
o Acquisition Planning
o Risk Management
o Configuration Management
o Test and Evaluation
o Integrated Team Management
o Operating Systems Management
o Measurement Programs
o Project Management and Oversight

Training solution - Ground Crew, Pilot & Engineering

Engineering and Logistics:

o Program/Project Management, Program Planning and Control
o Assessment of Maintenance Program Effectiveness
o Maintenance Capacity and Support System Reviews
o Documentation Production and Translation
o Training Development and Delivery
o Spares Optimisation Modelling
o Maintenance Engineering Analysis
o Electronic Technical Publications Review and Implementation
o Technical Support Services
o Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul Reviews and Audits
o Specialty Engineering Projects
o Integrated Logistics Support Plan
o Specification Reviews
o Design Criteria Creation
o Data Collection Analysis and Corrective Action
o Site Assessment
o Tooling and Support Equipment Requirements
o Direct Maintenance Cost Analysis
o Maintainability Program Plan
o Reliability-Centred Maintenance Analysis
o Maintainability Demonstrations and Evaluations
o Logistic Support Analysis
o Supply Chain Logistics and Management
o Procurement and Supplier Quality Assurance
o Logistics Support Analysis

Business Process:

o Gap Analysis
o Goals and Objectives
o Hazard Reporting
o Safety Assurance
o Safety Policies
o System Integration
o Process Analysis
o Process Mapping
o Project Portfolio Design
o Risk Management

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