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The iPhone app - the Android link is below.

iPhone app – the Android version is below. Click to view in the store.

We love both innovation and all-Canadian content for GA. We also love anything that makes getting into GA easier and appealing to the masses. It’s not hard to understand then that we were pretty excited to find recently.

The PSTAR is a Transport Canada written examination which must be passed with a grade of 90% or higher in order to obtain your student pilot permit. You can actually fly before passing the PSTAR (with your instructor), but before you think of solo or more advanced training, you need to sit and pass your PSTAR. More information is available at the Transport Canada PSTAR informaiton page

The guys at have created an app which runs on Apple and Android (phones, tablets etc.) which asks questions based on the PSTAR exam. It advises you if you are correct and allows you to take practice exams. All this for about eight bucks.

It’s not a fancy app – but it doesn’t need to be. You can use it right out-of-the-box with no learning curve. You can test yourself continuously, anywhere, any time and it is here that such an app excels. Like us, you’re probably busy. You find yourself waiting for something (usually a spouse or child) and have 5 minutes to kill. If your phone is with you- practice a little!

Here’s the other thing too – I passed my PSTAR 8 years ago and, I “may” have got a few questions wrong when testing the app today (admitting to nothing)! Why wouldn’t current pilots have this on their phone also – as a way of simply brushing-up on some of the basics. We can never know too much.


Android version – phone and tablets.

Now it’s fair to say you don’t “need” this app. There are study guides available from TC and your instructor will also assist and prepare you – but if you’re like us, you’ll want access easily, frequently and at your convenience to test your knowledge and learn more. That’s the advantage of this app – it’s extremely convenient.

I’m off to sit the PSTAR exam on the app. I’ll not be posting my results! I can guarantee however that at the end, I’ll know more than I did at the beginning. Well done – a great resource.

If you’re interested in GA and would like to know more about the kind of information, questions and knowledge you’ll gain as a pilot and don’t mind spending a couple of fancy coffees on it – it’s a great start!



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